VOIP Phone services

Organizations need a good phone system to grow their business. With good sound quality and real cost savings OnlyLink provides you a VOIP solution that helps you grow and operate without communication problems.

In today's digital world when the whole world is in your palm no body likes to carry multiple phones for different uses. But every business owner want their employees to have a business number. Our VOIP system provides a happy solution to both by giving a business number and forwarding all the calls to the employee's cell phones. They can also have a standard hard wired phone in their office and answer the calls in their cell phone.  NO BUSINESS CALLS MISSED is our goal.

What is VOIP -In the simplest terms, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a way for phone conversations to be transmitted over the Internet instead of using traditional phones that have been used for the last several decades.

 What do we Provide-  We provide new phone system along with new handsets depending on the need of the customers. We also provide unlimited support and solve any issues in a very reasonable time.

 Why VOIP-The old style PSTN is now called a “death spiral” because of the exorbitant costs of maintaining it. So, even if you are determined not to switch you may be forced to change sometime within the next 3 to 4 years. VOIP solutions can be leveraged from startups to bigger corporate easily and are so cost effective. Startups can use the Virtual Phone Service which works like a hosted website. 

 What is the difference -You will see lot of good differences like good call quality, uninterrupted service even where there is a power outage or internet outage. We are absolutely confident that our VOIP phone system is the best at delivering high-definition call quality and performance with zero dropped calls, echoes, garbled sound and other common VOIP problems.

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