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Client Name                     Business                                                                                                               Who Helped Them                                                   Stars 

Craig Peters                      Owner of 1015 Associates                                                                         OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                     5

Richard Losciale             President  of Premier Knowledge Solutions                                    OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                     5

Sgt. Mark Foley               Sargent Village of Glen Carbon                                                               OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                     5

Jeffrey Roth                      Owner of Roth Law Firm                                                                              OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                    5

Douglas Kelsey               Systems Adminstrator Premium Retail Services                            OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                    5

Gail Brown                        President  Urban Planning and Development Corporation     OnlyLink Business Solutions, LLC                     5

Robert Zeffert                 Owner of Zeffert & Associates                                                                  OnlyLink Business Solutions , LLC                   5

Other 5 Star Reviews

"On the first day of our scheduled audit we were experiencing a total network outage. Our onsite technician was not able to resolve the issues. OnlyLink came in and saved the day. Needless to say, we acquired OnlyLink as our IT services provider, and now we don’t have to depend on an individual, we have an entire company with a plethora of skill sets… We strongly recommend OnlyLink as your IT Service Provider."

"It [computer and internet service] works all the time. We have no aggravation. We wish all the services that we receive from all the things in our business were just half as good as the service we receive from OnlyLink." 

"Since installing this, our backups have been flawless. Signing up for the Fail-Safe service is a no-brainer. Our old tape loader had weekly failures. Since installing this, our backups have been flawless." 

"OnlyLink has been managing our network since 1997. We are very pleased with their attention to details.
They are always courteous and reachable via phone / email. Their proactive management of our network has helped us solve issues before they become problems. Our network uptime has been terrific. OnlyLink network engineers are knowledgeable and reliable." 

"I cannot say there is one single service ever in my 20 plus years of being a lawyer that has been better than that [of OnlyLink]. Be smart and use OnlyLink or be less than smart and use some huge company that’s not going to be there for you when the service doesn’t work. We would go days without internet service because nobody would help us. At times it was an absolute nightmare and it definitely cost us money. … It could be astronomical [business we lost due to computer problems]." 

"When we lost a mission critical data volume on our server, I was in a bind to restore the data. OnlyLink was not only available but offered different solutions to restore data mitigating the crisis I was in…With OnlyLink we have the comfort of a technology provider who understand our needs and provides solutions to meet our needs."

"We love OnlyLink’s response time, their willingness to address any technology issues that are raised and come back with solutions in a reasonable period of time. They understand that loss of technology leads to loss of productivity which negatively impacts operations and the bottom line. This was demonstrated early in our business relationship when our server crashed. Harish and his team completed an emergency network upgrade overnight into the next day until the job was done in order to have us back in business. OnlyLink constantly looks for ways to improve their service. The biggest benefits we have received are: 1. 24×7 support for our servers. Even in the middle of the night, I am assured that my exchange server is running. 2. Free up my time to focus on building my business. 3. I enjoy the quarterly CTO meetings that help us plan ahead for the next quarter.”h a remote office."


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